My White Cube

My White Cube is the new generation of In-Home teeth whitening system. Base in Carbamide Peroxide, the special formula developed by My White assures great and long lasting results in a short use protocol.

My White Cube respects the teeth bleaching cosmetic rules as the gel concentration do
not exceed the limits imposed by the European Cosmetic Device Directive.

In fact, My White Cube gel concentration is 16% based on Carbamide Peroxide and it is
supplied in a special single dose plastic blisters.

The premium package design contains inside a base made of EVA foam where 14 blisters of
My White Cube are positioned together with the multi language instructions of use.

The product is exclusively available through dental professionals, which must prepare a
personalized bleaching tray for the patient’s use.

My White Cube can be easily carried in the bag or purse as it is compact and small. It can
be used any time of the day or night, for short or extended period at the most convenient
time with the comfort of the house or work place.

Step 1

Remove the blister from the base and open it by turning the plastic cover tip.

Step 2.

Dispense 1 drop of the whitening gel on each tooth of the dental trays.

Step 3.

Insert the trays with the bleaching gel into the mouth for a maximum time of 2 hours/day.

After time has passed, brush the teeth to remove the remained material and enjoy your white smile.

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